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The regions only certified investigative Inspector/Consultant for Carpet Flooring/Moisture and Mold
Located in Crossville TN, and serving all central Tennessee.

Dale Collins has been in the flooring industry since the mid-1970's. As such he worked in manufacturing, installation and restoration of flooring (see Company Profile). In 1991 he became a part-time Flooring Inspector. At that time most of the inspections that he performed were for flooring manufacturers, and for a company that installed and maintained floors. In 1997 he became a full-time Flooring Inspector and he has done many 1000’s of these independent inspections.



As such-he saw that Manufacturing hired inspections are quick and to the point. And he saw that many other Inspectors’ felt (and caved) to pressure, pressure to be biased for their Commissioning part. Because of that he started getting calls to do 2nd opinion inspections. He also extended his business to perform moisture and mold inspections and these too for the purpose of trouble shooting when things had gone wrong.

Now after +25 years of inspecting his focus has changed to semi-retire and do the more complicated (time consuming) inspections, and other Inspector's second opinion inspections. That’s why he offers free inspection report review of other Inspector’s and a written guarantee on his own! 

Do you have carpet flooring, moisture, or mold problems in your Tennessee, or lower Kentucky home or business, and need help in solving it? Do you have a carpet or flooring warranty issue-or an installation issue? Is your crawlspace designed properly, or have a water leak that cannot be found? Do you represent an insurance company (or you are the Insured), and need to know if a claim had previous damage? Do you need pre-installation carpet or flooring inspection-or specifications? If you do, we have your answers. No one else in TN has our experience, (seeResume/CV).
Flooring/Moisture & Mold are related. Moisture is the #1 reason that floors fail, and when there is a moisture problem there also can be a mold problem. We investigate and prove all the reasons of failure. We do investigative inspections to verify if you have a problem, and to prove who caused it. And if you hire us to do so, we can furnish recommendations to correct the problem. When we do a report, you will be able to take it to the bank. Furthermore if we can't find evidence of your problem, there is no charge.
Do you want to go to court? Normally, nobody does. But are you aware that many inspectors pride themselves in the number of inspections that they do, that actually do go to court? We feel the opposite. We take pride in the fact that so few of our inspections have been disputed and gone into any type of arbitration. But, we are available to be hired to appear in court as an expert witness when needed. Or perhaps you can even stop legal action, by hiring us as a second opinion. If you would like to read about what an "Expert Witness" is click here. 

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For any questions regarding projects, please contact us at
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Some satsifed customers said:

 We used Mr. Collins in 2 court cases as an expert, 1 was for carpet the other for hard-wood and we won both cases.
- Franklin TN Attorney

I hired Dale as a consultant in a very serious mold damaged home. I did the work and he inspected and the home was brought up to standards.  
- Farragut TN Contractor

Hey Dale: Thanks for the 2nd opinion inspection on the laminate floor @  XXXXX the manufacturer went ahead and paid us in the claim! 
- Flooring Dealer Knoxville

Just to let you know that XXXX called and they are now going to pay the claim they denied after the  mills inspector report,  thanks to your report.  
Nashville TN

Our home had a water damage claim denied because the Adjuster said ii was a slow leak. But Mr. Collins report proved otherwise. They even sent out an Engineer and afterwards and still paid the claim.
Brentwood TN

Thanks Dale- The manufacturer did pay for both new hardwood floor and installation since you proved it shrank because it had not been dried properly
-Cookeville, TN  



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