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A Closer Look Inspections has 35+ years of flooring, and moisture problems related experience. We have more experience, training and certifications in these fields than any inspection company in Tennessee, from Knoxville to Tri-cities, Clarksville and Nashville to Chattanooga. Here is why we can say that:

 After high school, Dale Collins went on to vocational school. He was trained and became certified as a Welder/Fabricator. This trade normally has nothing to do with the above, but it led to his first employment with the flooring industry. This was because a hardwood flooring manufacturer hired him for their machine shop. He later became foreman of that shop. In this capacity, he not only saw how hardwood flooring was made but also many manufacturing defects.

 While working in the above position, a friend of his owned a water damage restoration company, which Dale began working as a second job. When the above flooring manufacturer went out of business, he went full-time with the water damage company. In a very short time that company grew to a 1000+ employee company and Dale was made their Technical Director, and he oversaw all cleaning, water/smoke damage restoration operations. This position required that he attend many restoration industry training schools and college courses to be certified as a Master Restorer.  Additionally, since this company also owned over 100 of apartments, many offices,  a motel, and a restaurant he oversaw their flooring installations.

 Later, in 1991 the restoration company had a flooring problem that involved an independent inspector. This inspection did not go as the company had hoped. Because of this Dale then was sent to Inspection school to be trained and certified as a Senior Carpet Inspector. Two years later he returned to the same school, for training and certification as a Hard-Surface Inspector. Then in 1997 he left the company to become a full-time flooring Inspector.

 Since his becoming a full-time inspector he has taken virtually every installation, maintenance and inspection school available for all types of flooring (and moisture problems), (see Resume).  This includes respected Manufactures, not just residentual, but commercial installation classes that had hands on training so he could feel what the Installers feel.  His work is backed by all the resources available from belonging to 3 different trade organizations CFI, NICFI, and WFCA . 

 Many flooring problems come from moisture problems, and moisture problems lead to mold. He has since been certified as a Mold Inspector & Mold Remediator by M.I.C.R.O. who owns the nation's largest IAQ lab (Indoor Air Quality), and IAQ2. The mold industry has become swamped with rip-off artists. We feel it is a serious conflict of interest for a water damage contractor or mold inspector to be the mold remediator.  Hence, while Dale does no mold remediation for hire, he can act as an independent inspector for those who do.

More recently (in 2010) because of being challenged in TN courts about not having an Inspector's license' he has joined NACHI and has taken over 140 hrs. of specialized training in home/moisture related inspections.   

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