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A popular joke says that an ex-pert "ex-spurt" is a has-been drip. While we take ourselves seriously, we do not see ourselves as do many “experts”. Yes, we do hire out as an 'Expert Witness’, and have done so to the satisfaction of our customers. But we do not do so indiscriminately. What we mean by that is we are not a “hired gun”. Instead we take pride in finding the truth, helping all involved to see it, and come to a resolution. When we go to court, we go because we are sure we can prove the truth.  

In any Consultant /Inspection business there is the possibility of being called into court as an “Expert Witness". Recently we talked with the president of one of the flooring certification schools, about being called into court. We agreed that many inspectors get called into court after they have done an inspection, and then get paid to be an “expert witness” for the same inspection. Therafter they brag of how many times they have been called to court. While it is impossible to never have an inspection challenged, we all agreed that a GOOD inspector could only expect about 1 in 1000 to go to court. And this is about the ratio that we see at A Closer Look flooring Consultants / Inspections.

 Even then, however, we have stopped court action by proving what the problem is, making a recommendation and having it accepted without court action. And at times we had to get our customer to see that they were the ones in the wrong. A dictionary definition of an Expert Witness is: “one with the special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience, and because of such, is able to offer proof it in a legal setting”. We agree with that definition, however we have also seen that there are “experts" who, like some Attorneys, are only out to try a case. And of course to charge a customer win or lose.   

So, we can say at A Closer Look if you hire us, expect the truth, if the truth can be found. Then expect us to be able to demonstrate it as proof expertly to any desiring to see it. In fact, we have taken "expert witness" training from 2 separate training Attorneys. 

Or perhaps you have a flooring problem on a product that has a warranty. Then you need to know if the product has failed under the manufacturer's guidelines. If so, click here, to read how to file a warranty claim. But if a flooring failure has already been determined not to be a warranty issue, then you may need to hire your own inspector. If you need help in finding other inspectors, click here.

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