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Getting the Manufacturer to Pay for the Inspection 

Believe it or not, many manufactures really want you to be happy, and to be able to have them pay for your problem to be inspected. At the schools that we inspectors attend, we are told time, and again "tell us the truth, we want to take care of our actual problems, but first prove to us that we have a problem". And in fact, inspectors who favor for the mill, (without casue) and it is later known are usually banned by honest manufactures.

So, if you have a warranty problem, you should first call the dealer who sold the product to you. After all, he is the manufature's customer. If he is not able to help, you must know who the manufacture is, and they will require you to prove it. Next you should follow their specific warranty procedure. If you do not have a copy, you should search until you find the manufacture's claim department. If they agree to send an inspector out, great. If not ask them to send a copy of the warranty, with the reason they will not help circled.

Now let's say they do send an inspector, what should you do?

When the inspector arrives:

 * Be polite, and remember he is under a confidentuality agreement, so don't ask for his opinion 

 * If he doesn't ask you first, ask him what issues he will be covering.

If you have more, ask him to note them also.

* Ask him through which certification body that he's certified through, and if he's certified for your product..

 Make note of his answer, so as to check later with the below 2 links.

Ask him if he is a full-time inspector, and if not what else he does. 

Remember a "conflict of interest" could be, if he was a flooring cleaner, installer, or retailer.

* Watch to see what test he performs, and photos that he takes

* Be prepared to wait 2-3 weeks

After you hear the results of the report: 

If you agree with it, and all is settled, great. If not ask for a copy of the report (they own it, and do not have to give it to you). Then, do ask for a list of inspectors that you can hire as a second opinion. Or click here for a list of my first choices. If there are none in your area, click here as a second choice.

 Click here for an inspection request