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Do we do flooring installations?   

We presently do not flooring installations. But because the question comes up in court from time to time, (as though to suggest Inspectors are all Hired Guns who "blame the Installer") we want to give you the oportunity to review our answer. But before we answer let us say: We do understand why this comes up, when an Installer is under the magnifying glass and we do have compassion for conscientious ones. Flooring installations are a very difficult field, and the manufactures do not make it easy, by producing products that have unique installation guidelines. Also other Installers bid the job where many guidelines (and even spending time to read them) leave out any profit. Please understand we are all for the Installer, providing they follow guidelines.

And then there is the installation where the Installer sees a potentual problem and tells his Customer. But they demand that it be installed anyway, after all people are waiting! What can he do? Call the flooring manufacture ASAP. Or call us, we know most claims deparments, and may be able to help in these situations.

But to answer the question: NO, Dale Collins does not pretend to be a current Installer. But in his work experience as Technical Director for a large company, he did act as an Overseer for Installers, and he did do repair work on these. Also he presently hires to flooring Manufactures to do flooring repairs, (he will add photos as he does these, today is 8/12/2011) and has attended their commercial Installation schools.

 Has he ever installed flooring? YES, as a young man he had been a carpet Installer's helper, and installed his own carpet, which since has worn out. But in recent years because of being a full-time Inspector, (and getting older), all that he has to show for his installations are in his own home's harsurface floors (first 3 photos below). The light colored flooring is "solid" Bamboo installed upstairs in his home. The darker is engineered wood installed downstairs. Note the photos are not of open areas (the easy part) but rather areas that required many cuts. These installations were done in 2008, and have had no problems.

 Bottom-line we hope the truth comes out in any inspection. We would never be biased towards anyone, including floor Cleaners, Installers, Manufactures, or Consumers. 


Dale Collins 

Hardwood Floor


Carpet Carpet

On 8/19/2011 Dale was sent to inspect, and possibly repair "black spots" in a new carpet. It would have been easy to blame someone for causing this after the installation, because they had not been noticed. These were tiny, (about 25 of them) one tuft wide spots. It was obvious that the spots were from manufacturing because they were in a straight row wall-wall, and they went into the backing. They were heavily bodied grease that required “dry” solvents to dissolve. This could have caused delamination. But he used a solvent in a spray form with a straw and sprayed from below into his vacuum tool (see photos). The carpet was saved.