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Mold and Moisture Inspection Pricing

Mold & moisture go hand in hand. There cannot be mold without moisture. But there can be moisture problems which have not as of yet turned into mold problems. This is why we always recommend a thorough moisture inspection for buildings, but not always mold, air or surface sampling. At least not untill any moisture problems have been located, and then repaired.

Visual Mold & Moisture inspections include: Using state of the art electronic detection equipment. This is used to reveal existing and potential moisture problems, such as wet or damp wood, drywall, or even concrete. These inspections are $250 for up to 2000 sq ft. Larger than 2000 sq ft, are priced at .12 per ft (*plus mileage). They include Infrared Camera, and moisture meter Inspections.

At times it is necessary to look into wall cavities. State of the art, fiber optic technology is then used, which requires us to drill a hole about the size of a dime. Which is later plugged (not completely repaired). This incurs an additional charge of $50 per hole.

Above inspections are walk through only. Cost is an additional $150 to recieve a written report, and documentation with digital photos, (photos with report at no charge provided they can be emailed).

Mold sampling of air and surface, are the only way to properly identify what types of molds are present, and in what quantity, as compared to the outdoor environment. Air samplings are done at $90 apiece, and must have an outdoor comparison sample, for a minimum of (2) at $180. Surface sampling is done of visible areas of mold at $75 apiece. All samples are then sent in for laboratory analysis, and a report, which is included in the price. Prices are considering being done along with a moisture inspection.      

We are certified for both mold Inspections, and Remediations. Remediation by the Inspector, or Water Damge Restorer is a conflict of interest. Hence, we will not hire for Mold Remediations that we inspect.

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