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Square Peg in a Round HoleA Closer Look Inspections cannot cover all areas. Although we are happy to travel for a fee, we realize that sometimes it is just not feasible. So when you need a flooring inspector, and it is not in the area that we normally cover what should you do? 

Remember that to be" certified" in inspecting some flooring products, it requires only a 5 day school with a test. So, before you search how would you know if you found an "expert"? Here are a few suggestions

  *Ask him what certifications that he has?

 Most good inspectors have many, from many sources. This is because they are humble enough to understand that all schools have their limitations.

  * Ask him how many years experience that he has with your type of flooring product?

All inspectors have to start somewhere. But 10 yrs working with a product before inspecting it is a good rule of thumb. If he does not have that much experience, ask him if he has others that he is able to consult who do?

 * Ask him if he is a full-time inspector, and if not what else does he do?

Remember a floor cleaner, installer, retailer or manufacturer could be considered a "conflict of interest". If you hired one, and it came to court, a good attorney could get it thrown out.  

With these things in mind, there is one association that we always refer people to first. We cannot say that all the inspectors there are the best, however in most cases they are better then others. This is because the normal inspector, just gets his training, and leaves it at that. NICFI members belong, and pay in order to receive help from fellow inspectors. You can click here, and go to their inspector search for you area. 

Your next best option would be to ask the flooring manufacture of a list of inspectors that they use. Then finally, if you click here, you will find a search for inspectors, who have been trained by every type of certification school. But of course, who knows how good they are? 

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