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Fairness Guarantee by A CLOSER LOOK Inspections

We desire to be fair in our inspections. When we perform an inspection that could lead to fault, we would like to see all parties attend-not for us to necessarily answer questions, but to watch to see that we perform all tests that we reference. If later the inspection is challenged here is our guarantee:

If an inspection that we do appears to be in error - so that it causes a claim to be decided incorrectly; a 2nd opinion inspector should be called to re-inspect. Dale should be invited to the inspection- not to take the lead but to allow the new inspector the opportunity to understand how he came to his conclusion. If the new inspection proves by evidence Dale's in error he will refund the first inspection fee. This is not a challenge, Dale wants to learn from his mistakes.   

If Dale is called to do a 2nd opinion inspection and he finds the first inspector in error- he will offer to meet with the first inspector and Dale will take the lead to show why. They should meet along with Dale's commissioning part so that they also understand the disagreement. Dale will not charge for this meeting providing he is not in error. If they cannot reasonably resolve their disagreement  they should agree on someone to arbitrate, or the commissioning should consider a court of law. Dale will refund his fee if his report is proven to be in error by either of these.