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(no written report)  

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Do not worry about filling in a request - all pricing questions will be answered before we visit. We need it filled in just to verify payment before the trip to your property.    

At the location, we will inspect with the thought of later doing a report only if you are convinced it is what you want: $300 hardwood/ceramic, $250 carpet/laminate (paid at the time of inspection). Also includes driving time, and expenses within route area. Click here for route area. This is applied to the total if a written report is provided.

In other words, if you want to first consult to see if a certified report will help you, we will meet with you and discuss your problem (for our consulting price).Then if you decide the report will help you, the report will be sent within 5 days, after the $150 hardwood/ceramic $100 carpet/laminate balance is paid within 30 days. Remember HONEST reports do not always help everybody. After 30 days if no report was made all records are then destroyed. This protects us both in case of a later disagreement-and since there was no report-memories tend to fade.      

At my location or cell phone consultation $1.40 a minute             

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Investigation Inspections
(with written report)

Residential & small commercial up to 1500 sq. ft. of product same bldg, & product

$350 (Carpet, Laminate and Vinyl) 1 complaint in route area 

$450 (Ceramic Tiles and Hardwood) 1 complaint in route area 

+ $50 each additional non related complaint

+ photos are no charge if emailed, otherwise they are identified, printed, and mailed (or can be added in report) at $10 apiece

+ $50 if neccesary to go into crawl space (virtually always necessary with hardwood, and ceramic tile)

+ $20 notary fee

+ $15 priority mail

+ lab fee if necessary

+ mileage if out of route area (see area)

+ see below about *abritration

Commercial over 1500 sq ft. same building & product

Start at $400 (Carpet, Laminate, and Vinyl), per 1 complaint

Start at $500 (Ceramic Tile and Hardwood), per 1 complaint 

All other extras are the same as noted under residentual & small commercial  

(Possible discounts for multiples) 

Concrete Moisture Vapor Emissions Tests 
(with written results)

Because of differing numbers of tests, and special trips these must be priced individually.

Mold & Moisture Inspections

Click here for pricing                          

Expert Witness/Arbitration
(applies to all the above mentioned work, if there is a dispute)

Attorney & Other Consultations

$150.00 hour

Deposition and Court Appearances:

Price includes all preparation, and travel @ $150 per hr. 4 hr. minimum ($600.00) + travel expences. Price drops to $125 after the 5th hr. per a given day.  Court appearances/arbitration are prone to be cancelled. And many times this happens after we have already driven many miles to the hearing. Because of this we now only offer such appearances with an retainer and written agreement


Please call, depends upon preparation time

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