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Beware NFWA "certified professionals" do not meet the Tennessee state licensing standards.

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But why would one of the longest term inspector's in the industry opt out of NWFA's inspector's program when he was getting a goodly amount of referrals from it?

We hope the best for the NWFA; but plain and simple - Dale will not join an organization that has proven to him to be unethically biased towards it's financers.  

NWFACP forced certified inspectors to join the NWFA or to be deleted on July 1, 2015. Dale refused to join, since this association is financed partially by flooring manufacturers-putting inspectors who acquiesced & joined in a serious "conflict of interest" to no longer be independent.

Furthermore the NWFA has given him proof they are unethically biased towards their member flooring manufacturers.  While he would never expose anyone's faults; since they have not proven they have changed their ways, and will not allow him to remain a certified INDEPENDENT inspector he will defend himself.  

Dale works for many good manufactures and he is still certified by other organizations to inspect wood floors (see resume/cv). He has taken NWFA training, passed the NWFA inspector's test (twice) and kept up with all the requirements that his contract spelled out. But recently they refused his annual fee just because he would not join their association.

Hence if you feel you need a true unbiased wood floor Inspector - please call us. Or if you need help with a NWFACP inspection report that may appear biased; or just wrong, contact us and we will work for free to investigate and let you know if we can help. We still have available all pertinent NWFA standards to quote from. In fact if you do an internet search you will find them posted all over it.

 Again we hope the best for the NWFA, but Dale will defend himself.  He will join only after they have proven they have changed their unethical course.  

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